What is a Campaign and how can I benefit from Multiple Campaigns?

A campaign is a set of configurations that define the style of your chat button and visitor side windows. One campaign has its specific live chat code.

With Chakap, you can put a chat button onto multiple webpages by installing the same live chat code onto all your webpages. If you want to put buttons on different looks onto different websites/webpages, you need to create multiple campaigns and then add different codes of the campaigns to the corresponding websites/webpages.

To do this, you need to firstly enable the Multiple Campaigns feature, create new campaigns, customize the campaign based on the style of the website/webpage, get and paste the code of the campaign to the webpage.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Chakap account.
  2. Go to Campaign under at the left menu.
  1. Click on Multiple Campaigns and enable the option.
  1. Click New Campaign to create new campaigns and customize your chat button and other visitor side windows.
  1. After you’ve done customization, click Installation > Live Chat Code and choose the Campaign from the drop-down list to get the corresponding code.
  1. Install the live chat code onto your website.