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Chat proactively

With Chakap’s proactive chat feature, you never have to wait for your visitor to start the conversation.

You can decide when to initiate a chat as they browse and capture leads, assist buyers through checkout, and more. 

The possibilities are endless.

Respond quickly

Having our omnichannel communication software on your website ensures you can be available for your customers 24/7, respond to web visitors instantly from any device, and handle multiple conversations at once.

79% of customers have said they preferred live chat solely because of the faster response time compared to other channels

Take conversations anywhere

Go where your customers are. Chakap ensures that if a different channel serves you better, that’s where your conversation will seamlessly go. Want to see how it works?

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ES-2 (1)

Use data analytics to gain valuable customer insights

Gain valuable insights from each and every customer interaction. Learn who you're talking to, what products and services they're looking at, how they found you, and more.

With detailed live and historical data at your fingertips you can serve and sell smarter.

Intelligent features and AI

Chakap is full of smart features to surprise and delight. From custom message triggers and pre-chat forms to clever chatbots, we have it all.

67% of consumers used a chatbot for support and 34% used a chatbot as a means of getting connected with a human

Integrations? We've got 'em

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